• Social Media Director & Developer


    Timothy James Schramm began working in Social Media in 2008 at the start of MySpace developing his skills into YouTube. In 2010 he founded LVnTheLife as a means to create a platform for the disabled to receive exposure. In 2017 he began an Instagram page for LVnTheLife that now reaches up to 119k followers and showcases artistic and disabled talent of Texas on an IGTV show called 'LView'. In 2019 he opened a TikTok account for LVnTheLife which now stands at 20.2k followers.
    Timothy was born with epilepsy and a learning disability. Despite being disabled Timothy has show exceptional ability in computer analytics. His skills in developing social media presence had gained recognition and he was employed with Austin Community College and Delaware Subs as a Social Media Director and Developer.
    Timothy also posses great skill in photography and in editing using Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Editing for content needs.



    Timothy James Schramm is an actor. He has worked for Fox 2000 Pictures, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Atmosphere Casting, Warner Bros., Bonanza Productions, NBC, MTV and even appeared on American Idol! Timothy enjoys acting various roles from comedic, dramatic, romantic, horror, family, and reality TV.


    "Alvin and The Chipmunks 2" - Jock/European Fan - Fox 2000 Pictures
    "Couples Retreat" - Sexy Pool Boy - Universal
    "Alita Battle Angel" - Boyfriend/Sidewalk couple - 20th Century Fox
    "Irish mascot/football fan"- Coca Cola - Atmosphere Casting
    "Two an a Half Men" - Bar guy/Surfer - Warner Bros.
    "The Forgotten" (pilot) - HS Jock - Bonanza Productions
    "Parks and Recreation" - Bar Back - NBC
    "Parental Control" - The Dater - MTV
    "Flash Focus" (pilot) - The Player - MTV
    American Idol Session 9/22/13

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